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The area known as Greenfield Township earliest residents were the Eriez Indians. They were defeated by the Iroquois Indians, around 1650. The territory was then occupied by the French and then the English in the 1700’s. In 1797, Judah Colt, an agent for the Pennsylvania Population Company settled at Colt’s Station, with the purpose of surveying and selling land.

Greenfield Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania was incorporated on March 12, 1800. The Township is governed by a three member elected Board of Supervisors. The Township provides services to maintain the roads, provide snow removal, and provides a fourteen-acre Greenfield Community Park on Station Road.

Greenfield Township is rural in nature, with a population of 1803, as of the 2020 Census. Although it is rural, the last Census Bureau report ranked Greenfield Township fourth in Erie County for median household income.

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Dusty Roads

Our current brine supplier, Pennfield Energy LLC, has been required to submit samples from each of their salt brine producing wells to the Environmental Protection Agency. It will be 2-3 weeks before the samples are processed. During this time, no brine can be applied. The Township has a tanker truck to apply water, but this is ineffective. By the time the crew comes back with a second load, the first load has soaked into the road like nothing was ever done.

Reverse 911

Reverse 911 Erie County through the Northwest Region 2 Emergency Response Group is now offering reverse 911. Click below for [...]

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