Pavilion Information

Please take all garbage with you when you leave. This prevents wild animals from getting used to coming to the park looking for food. Extra garbage bags will be provided for reservations.

Do not move picnic tables from one pavilion to the other as those tables are reserved for use in that pavilion.

The pavilions are not meant to provide indoor conditions. Do not use bolts to secure tarps in order to block the wind.

If you plan to have water balloons for your event, plan to fill the balloons at home. There are not faucets available to fill them outdoors. Filling them in the restrooms creates a dangerous situation from water being sprayed on the floors. It also makes a mess. For safety reasons, pick up the remains of the balloons and dispose of them, to prevent children from ingesting them.
Reservations of pavilions are made on a first call/first paid basis. A reservation entitles the use of the pavilion for the entire day. The pavilion is not considered reserved until the fee is paid. Reservation of a pavilion does not include exclusive use of the park.

The Greenfield Township Board of Supervisors has established fees for the reservation of the pavilions for 2024 as follows:

Large Pavilion $ 125.00
Small Pavilion $ 70.00

Reservations can be made by calling the Municipal Office at 725-9110. If calling outside of office hours, please leave a message.