The 2020 Budget is balanced at $ 855,008.00.

The Board of Supervisors will resolve to set the tax millage at 2.340 mills, with all mills dedicated for General Fund purposes. This is the same tax rate set for 2019.

The road projects for 2020 will focus on maintenance. General road maintenance involving ditching, grading, graveling, and replacement of six crosspipes are planned. Catch basins on Wilson Road in Little Hope will be repaired.  Grants have been awarded for the completion of the Plum Road and Finn Road projects through Erie County Conservation’s Dirt & Gravel Roads Program. Rohl Road is scheduled to have Full Depth Reclamation.

General maintenance will be performed at the park.

Financial assistance will be provided to the Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company. This assistance reduces the number of hours that volunteers spend fundraising, thus improving the chances of retaining the volunteers. The Fund Drive contributions have been declining over the years. Participation in fund raising events has decreased. The funds will be used to reimburse utility, building repair and maintenance expenses, and financial assistance to replace fundraising activities.

The bottoms of the garage doors will be replaced. Three opening systems are scheduled to be replaced.

Financial assistance will be provided to the Hornby School Museum in the form of paying for lawn maintenance. This Historical Museum is operated by volunteers from Greenfield Township and surrounding areas.

Loan payments will be made for the purchase of the 2017 Hyundai wheeled excavator. This machine is used for ditching. This is the last year of payments.

Property and Workers Compensation insurance rates have dropped because the 2013 claims no longer show in the claims loss report.