The 2023 Budget is balanced at $734,441.00.

The Board of Supervisors will resolve to set the tax millage at 2.340 mills, with all mills dedicated for General Fund purposes.

The road projects for 2023 will focus on maintenance. General road maintenance involving ditching, grading, and adding material. Sections of Wildman Road will be seal coated. A seal coat will be added to the millings project area on Rich Hill and Ashton Road. The second year of the Dirt & Gravel Roads Program grant for Dougan Road will be done. A large crosspipe will be installed, material will be added to build the road up and it will be topped with Driving Surface Aggregate.

Financial assistance will be not provided to the Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company, due to the low Township fund balances. Mowing and inkind assistance will be done.

Financial assistance will be provided to the Hornby School Museum in the form of lawn maintenance. This Historical Museum is operated by volunteers from Greenfield Township and surrounding areas.

Loan payments will be made for the purchase of the 2020 International Dump Truck.

Employee evaluations will be performed. Wages will be based on performance evaluations and reviewed at the January 3, 2023 Board of Supervisors meeting.