Dirt & Gravel Roads Grant

A grant was awarded by the Erie County Conservation District for the replacement of pipes and placement of material on Raymond Mills Road and Davis Road. The grants are available for designated roads determined to be subject to stream contamination from erosion. Driving Surface Aggregate will be applied. This material was designed by Penn State and holds together well. Project work will start as soon as contracts are awarded.

Ditch Dirt

The Township will haul the dirt removed from the ditches to your property if you have a signed release form on file. The quality of the material is not guaranteed. The dirt is hauled to the closest landowner with the easiest access. If you are interested in filing a release form, please contact the office.


No trees can be planted within 25′ from the center of the road. This enables the Township to maintain drainage, mow the roadsides, and remove snow effectively. Please remove the trees or replant them so that they will not be damaged during mowing or snow removal. Also making consideration for the future growth of the trees, it is best to have the trunk of the tree further than 25 feet from the center of the road. Snow coming off of the wings of the plow may damage the trees and salt brine may also turn the branches brown.

Greenfield Township is responsible for ensuring a clear line of sight at the intersections of all Township Roads and keeping trees and shrubs trimmed for safe travel on the Township roads. The tree in front of your property, which is in the Township right of way will be trimmed. The Township will hire a contractor to trim the trees at no cost to you.


If you had issues with your mailbox this last winter, now is the time to correct them. Making sure they are installed to the correct height, will help next season. The post for the box must be behind the ditch, the bottom of the box should be at least 42″ from the grade of the road (a couple of inches higher would allow for snow buildup). No angle supports should be placed from the bottom of the box to the post. Please contact the office for a diagram of the correct installation.

Snow removal

Do not plow snow across the road or in the road. The goal of the Township is to keep the roads safe for travel. Any snow removed from driveways should be placed on your property and should not be pushed across the road. Piles of snow along the roadside freeze and make it difficult and unsafe for the Crew. It also creates a hazard for other motorists. During early winter, push snow back far enough on your land to save space for future snow piles.

The Township operates three plow trucks, which take approximately three hours to clear the roads. The crew is sent home after the first round of plowing if plowing will be needed later that day. Other times, the crew is called out as needed.
Although it may seem like it, the plow truck drivers do not intentionally fill driveways with snow. By clearing a path to the left of your driveway and mailbox, you create a place for the snow riding along the plow blades to drop into – instead of in your driveway! They cannot lift the plow in front of your driveway.

Parking on the roads

In previous years, there were many vehicles parked on the roads during hunting, even though there were no vehicles parked in the game lands parking lots along those roads. Where available, please use the parking lots so that the crews can get through to cinder and plow the roads.

A Township Ordinance prohibits parking on Township roads whenever there is snow on the road. This law was enacted to protect township residents, employees, and equipment. Any vehicle parked on Township roads will be towed at the owner’s expense.