Recycling Program Discontinued effective December 21, 2018.
For several reasons, on November 12th the Board of Supervisors voted to discontinue the Greenfield Township Recycling Program. The last collection day will be December 21st.
Waste Management has changed what will be accepted at their transfer station. The biggest change was the prohibition of plastic bags. Many residents use large plastic bags to contain the plastic materials. Without this option, plastic will be blown around. In the past, there have been issues with the plastic plugging driveway sluice pipes. Waste Management will only be accepting plastics 1 and 2, where in the past they have accepted 1 through 7. This means that everyone would have to start checking the plastic containers symbols again. Which although it is possible to start checking again, Waste Management has fined local agencies for contamination of materials taken to the transfer station. Contamination means any items they do not accept.
The collection of newsprint has dropped over the years, due to smaller paper size, fewer subscribers, and online access to the Erie Times-News.
The recycling truck is in need of replacement. Grants from the Department of Environmental Protection for equipment upgrades are becoming more restrictive.
Residents may keep their recycling bins.

Greenfield Township Recycling