Nuisance Ordinance

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Maintaining your property

Greenfield Township has laws regarding conditions that may be determined to be nuisances and/or a violation of the Zoning Ordinance. In some instances, this happens without the owner recognizing how it looks or knowing that they are violating laws. Annually, during the spring road inspections, a list of property owners that need to be reminded of the conditions is made and letters are sent. Most often, these properties have junk vehicles and piles of scrap materials accumulating. If the owners respond and clean up the condition of the property, no further legal action is taken. If no action is taken, legal proceedings will be filed through the District Judge. At the discretion of the Judge, the property owner may have to pay fines up to $ 1000.00, plus costs and expenses, including court costs, attorneys’ fees and witness fees, which were incurred by the Township in enforcing these laws.

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