The fall round Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) grant was not funded.  The Township is submitting another application to DCNR for the spring round. The announcement of the grant award is usually done in the fall.

A basketball court has been on the improvements list for the park for quite a few years. After an on-site review of the possible project, the DCNR grant specialist suggested applying for a multi-use court. The court would be constructed in the area of the current volleyball net. It would contain a full basketball court, pickle ball court, four square court and tennis court markings giving multiple options for play.

At the same time, a grant application will be submitted to the Orris C. Hirtzel and Beatrice Dewey Hirtzel Foundation for the same project. This foundation focuses on community, economic development, higher education, and human services in North East Township and Borough, Greenfield Township and Ripley New York. The grant award may fund the entire project or be used as a match to the DCNR grant.

None of this money can be used for road improvements, only recreational purposes.